Ryūjin - Dragon God of the Sea and Storms

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Ryūjin - Dragon God of the Sea and Storms

Post by Ryūjin on Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:08 pm

Dominion: Sea, Storms

History: Ryūjin came to be, when the first thunder touched and burned the sea. Out of the impact he emerged to the skies seeking to struck his enemies.

Personality: He is a compassionate god to those that honor the life in the sea, ready to give all the riches that come from the deep to them. But also very unforgiving when you are not following his way.

Appearance: Ryūjin is a gargantuan dragon soaring through the stroms in the sky. His scales are blue and electricity runs through them. He is able to traver under the sea, through the air and he can take humanoid form whenever needed.

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