Blind Gambit - The God of Games

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Blind Gambit - The God of Games

Post by Blind Gambit on Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:34 am

The God of Games
The Lord of Chance
The King of Odds

Calculated Riscs


Blind Gambit was born out of the slim chance that creation could be imperfect. At the very heart of the universe as divine power was flowing towards the vastness of the limbo, a little shiny sparkle appeared where it shouldn't and there he was! As a small newborn entity, he patiently observed the nothingness, the power flowing in chaotic patterns and he foresaw that this emptiness was only the blackboard that creation was about to emerge. In the passing of events, as time was not yet determined, Blind Gambit realized that he can understand the way of random events and probability... or at least this is the version of the story that he prefers to share

The truth about Blind Gambit's origin is obscure and at best rough around the edges. A mystery worthy to bet on and legends want him to be the first to collect when he will be ready to reveal it. Others claim that his origin is just like the god himself - it will be determined by chance when it will be time to be revealed.


Blind Gambit is usually calm and cheerful, despite the fact that he relies much in luck and randomness he is not impulsive or chaotic in nature and mentality. As he prefers to put it, he was made a God by pure chance and wish to live the way he was born. He is cautious and patient, calculating the odds, estimating probable outcomes and willing to settle a score with a game (be it a bet or a challenge). He sees rules as a game since there are always exceptions to a rule and chaos as an opportunity. Blind Gambit holds no affiliation with extremes but sees the merit in them. Law is good because every game needs rules, chaos is good because chance is chaos. Good and Evil have no place in his world as they spoil the fun of a good game. Cheating is rough around the edges!


Despite what his name might indicate, Blind Gambit is not blind in sight. He prefers the masculine form of a man though his characteristics change from time to time. He appears in good quality clothes and always holding or playing tricks with a gambling or calculating apparatus (dice, gaming cards, coins, abacus)

"Blind Gambit's Abacus"


"Change is the only constant!"
"Let the dice fall where they may"
"Fortune is a fickle friend"
"The die is cast!"
"Card games are like carnal pleasures, if you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand!"
"Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity"
"He who does not venture, has no luck!"
"Pick your cards carefully"
"Let's play a Game"

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