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Getting Started

Post by Caranthir on Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:08 pm

Everyone will start the game as a deity of their choice, with races and civilizations coming later. These are the kinds of sign-ups I expect for now:

Name: Whatever you wish.
Dominion: What sphere of nature does your god hold dominion over? Mountains? Fire? Destruction? War? Whichever you choose will provide a bonus depending on your orders.
Bio: Here you can describe your god’s history and personality, giving us some insight into his or her mind. This part is optional.

Name: Whatever you wish.
Appearance: What does your species look like?
Size: How large is an average member of your species?
Lifespan: How long are their lives? I will accept long-lived, but not immortal.
Senses: How do they absorb information from their environments?
Diet type: Simply put, what do they eat?
Habitat: What habitats are they best suited towards?
Reproduction: What are their reproductive procedures? How many offspring do they have?
Society: How do members of your race interact with each other?
Positive and Negative Traits: You can have a max of two each, and they should be about equivalent. Depending on what you choose, these traits can affect the outcome of your orders relating to your race and/or civilization.

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