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Game Mechanics

Post by Caranthir on Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:25 pm

Divine Power
As a god you possess the ability to draw energy from the universe and channel it in the form of Divine Power for the purposes of creation, alteration and destruction. Divine Power is raw and rather unwieldy, best suited to making large changes - for example, it can be used to create land features and races but not lead a nation, and as such will be of much more use to you in the First and Second Ages. During the First and Second Ages players will generate Divine Power through random dice-rolls, representative of them drawing on the innate power of the universe. However, in the Third Age players will rely on the worship of mortals (both how many of them there are and how devoted they are) to accumulate their Divine Power. For more details on Divine Power and the applications (and costs) of it, check out this Divine Power Index. If something that you want to do isn’t on here, or if you have any questions, just ask me.

Civilization Building
All of your civilizations, no matter what race they are, will start at a technological state roughly equivalent to the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution - meaning that agriculture has just discovered, but complex political structures have yet to form. It is up to you to take these fledgling groups of sentient beings under your wing and shepherd them through the ages, building them into great civilizations to wage war against the creations of other lesser gods. And you should want to do this because during the Third Age the mortals who worship you are a vital resource that allow to accumulate Divine Power. Here are the stats you should pay attention to with regards to your civilization:

Population: The more people you have, the more Divine Power you can gain.
Devotion: How devoted are the people who worship you? This affects how much Divine Power you gain as well. (This is classified into Low, Medium, and High levels of devotion)
Organization: Can provide either a boost or hindrance to the success of your civilization orders. How capable is your civilization in carrying out your commands? (Note: all will start decentralized)
Military: Pretty self-explanatory.
Technology: Technology affects all other aspects of your civilization in the form of bonuses or maluses. These can be organic (made by the civ itself) or spurred by your own divine action.

Divine Conflict
Divine conflict is when one god targets another's creation (inanimate) or their worshipers (animate) - these actions come in the form of Destruction, which destroys a god's creation, Alteration, which changes a god's creation, and Protection, which shields a god's creation against both of those. It is also possible to Indoctrinate Mortals of your own civilization or of another (and prevent it) into worshiping you, as well as to Sow Discord between a god and his worshipers (and prevent it). The costs of these can be found here.

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