Avie - Goddess of Night, Dreams and Secrets

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Avie - Goddess of Night, Dreams and Secrets

Post by Avie on Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:50 pm

Dominion: Night- Dreams-Secrets

History- When the others Gods first emerged Avie went unnoticed for a time. Her existence only made clear when whispers that meant to be kept hidden and images that contained one’s heart desire spread among the newly formed Gods. They were named Secrets and Dreams respectively, protected by the Night, from which Avie emerged from once the final star appeared in sky.

Personality- Like phases of the Moon, Avie has different faces as well. She can be protective and nurturing like a mother, sending soothing dreams or making the stars brighter to help those who are lost. She can be cold, provoke fear and be vindictive, especially to those who do not honour secrets. She may also be regarded as a trickster, by hiding the moon and the stars and thus allowing any actions of mischief to be covered by her veil.

Appearance: Avie’s true form is a pale-skin woman with long black hair and eyes as bright as the stars. Her cloak is made of darkness itself and her crown changes per the phases of the Moon. However, when appearing to creatures, she is presented as a shadowy figure, covered in veils of darkness and mists, but for her luminous eyes and her ambiguous smile.

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